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Bread basket

SABABÉ is also the best way to welcome Shabbat.
With these beautiful Velvet Bread Baskets, you'll be able to share the Motsi with your family and guests.
The magnificent Hebrew Calligraphies have been drawn in pen by the artist Calligrapher Michel d'Anastasio.

Refined and elegant, these unique and original bread baskets will beautify your Shabbat table.
And to perfect the decoration, think about tablecloths, table runners, placemats ...

Shabbat Chalom! Gut Chabbes!

  • Bread Basket "Jerusalem Light"


    Touché Velours - Made in France

    ירושׁלים אורו שׁל עולם (Yerouchalaim oro chel olam)

    JERUSALEM: Light of the World

    Thanks to this beautiful bread basket, you will be able to share the Motsi with your family and your guests

    Superb circular calligraphy. Perpetual movement that creates life, in the eternal Light of Jerusalem.

    SABABÉ: a universe of Light connected to our Jewish Life.

  • Bread Basket "Chalom"


    Velvet touch - Made in France

    With this beautiful Bread basket you can share the Motsi with your family and guests.
    Unique and original, this beautiful Bread Basket is designed by the artist Calligraphe, Michel d'Anastasio. Luminous work, this magnificent "CHALOM" is lost in the ocean of beautiful letters, from which emanates the divine radiance.
    SABABÉ: a Calligraphic universe connected to our Jewish Life

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