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  • Cushion "Eretz"


    Velvet touch - Made in France
    ארץ (Eretz) - the Earth
    The pen delicately traverses the paper and draws beautiful brushed curves.
    Subtly, we join the circular motion of the Earth.

    This wonderful product from know-how SABABÉ will enchant you.

    Discover a sumptuous Deco Universe.

  • Cushion "Chalom"


    Velvet touch - Made in France
    Calligraphy is a reflection of a culture.
    Luminous work, this magnificent "CHALOM" is lost in the ocean of beautiful letters, from which emanates the divine radiance.
    This unique article will accompany you in your daily life and delight your guests.

    SABABÉ ... a Deco Universe

  • Cushion "Ahava Love"


    Velvet touch - Made in France

    Their unique calligraphy makes it a different and precious article.

    Designed by the artist Calligrapher Michel d'Anastasio, this magnificent Cushion projects you into a deco universe.
    Take Love with you!

    SABABÉ ... a Universe of Sharing

  • SET OF 3 PACKS of 20 Paper Napkins "Hai The Life"


    Life in all every way invites you to your meals.
    This beautiful article will participate in the decoration of your table.

    Take life on the right side!

    SABABÉ ... a Deco Universe.

  • SET OF 3 PACKS of 20 Paper Napkins "Place To Be"


    There are many places or monuments  essential in Israel.
    But the 4 "PLACE TO BE" represented on our beautiful Napkin, mark the subtle balance between the history of this country and its Modernity.

    SABABÉ ... the Promise of a splendid Trip

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