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Kiddush Glasses

There is no better way to welcome Shabbat. With this splendid Kiddush Glass, you will be able to offer each of your guests to share the "Chalom" with you.

This sumptuous "CHALOM" is a luminous work, lost in the ocean of
beautiful letters. The divine splendor at the heart of the Letter.
Designed by the artist Calligraphe Michel d'Anastasio, these beautiful Kiddush Glasses,
unique and originals, they will beautify your Shabbat table.
Printed in a beautiful gradient of deep blues, this splendid set of
4 Kiddush Glasses, is a great gift idea for Shabbat and Hagim.

Pleasure to Offer or to Pleasure ......... .. SABABÉ, a Creative universe.

  • Set 4 Glasses Kidduch "Chalom"
    • Discount !

    Set 4 Glasses Kidduch "Chalom"

    €20.75 €8.25

    Designed in France

    Calligraphy is a reflection of a culture.
    Luminous work, this magnificent "CHALOM" is lost in the ocean of beautiful letters, from which emanates the divine radiance.
    There is no better way to welcome Shabbat.

    SABABÉ ... a Refined Universe.

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