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SABABÉ, it's also a nice collection of Mugs.
Have breakfast with these beautiful mugs. They will become your best friend for all your coffee breaks.
Unique and original, they will naturally find their place in your world.

The calligraphic patterns designed by the Calligrapher Michel d'Anastasio are very innovative. They will accompany you on a daily basis.

You can coordinate them with the rest of the range.

  • Mug "Chalom"


    Designated and printed in France.
    Calligraphy is a reflection of a culture.
    Luminous work, this magnificent "CHALOM" is lost in the ocean of beautiful letters, from which emanates the divine radiance.
    This unique article will accompany you in your daily life and delight your guests.

    SABABÉ ... a Refined Universe

  • Mug "Eretz"


    Designated and printed in France..
    ארץ (Eretz) - the Earth
    The pen delicately traverses the paper and draws beautiful brushed curves.
    Subtly, we join the circular motion of the Earth.

    This wonderful product from know-how SABABÉ will enchant you.

  • Mug "Hai The Life"


    Designated and Printed in France

    Life in every way invites itself to your table.
    This beautiful article will enchant your breakfasts.
    Take life on the right side!

    SABABÉ ... a Creative Universe

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