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At SABABÉ, we create unique and original Tablecloths. Narrative or Calligraphic, you will embellish your table and decorate your meals.

An improvised brunch, a simple dinner, tea with friends, discover the beautiful ISRAEL STORY theme.

It will project you into the world of ISRAEL: Ben Gurion, Montefiore Mill, Nightclub in Tel Aviv, Yad Vashem, Diving in Eilat, Herzl, Dead Sea, Pomegranate, Avocado, Kotel, and many more . Have fun recognizing them ....
They are careful to maintain the subtle balance between the history of this country and its modernity.

Falling impeccable, square or rectangular, flatter your table with a 100% cotton quality Tablecloth.

Lovers of the art of the table, you can, with these innovative designs, create an original and modern atmosphere that will delight your guests.

And to complete the decor, think of the matching napkins.

Enjoy your meal

  • Tablecloth " Jerusalem Light" -160x160 cm - 63'' x 63''
    • Discount !

    Tablecloth " Jerusalem Light" -160x160 cm - 63'' x 63''

    €65.83 €24.16

    100% cotton - Made in France

    ירושׁלים אורו שׁל עולם (Yeruchalaim oro chel olam)
    Jérusalem Light of the World.
    Superb circular calligraphy.
    Perpetual movement that creates life, in the eternal Light of Jerusalem.
    This beautiful article will brighten your table

    SABABÉ…… a Universe of Light.

  • Tablecloth "Israel Story" - White / Purple -160x160 cm - 63'' x 63''
    • Discount !

    Tablecloth "Israel Story" - White / Purple -160x160 cm - 63'' x 63''

    €57.50 €20.83

    100% cotton - Made in France.
    This tablecloth tells you a beautiful story!
    Dive into the Universe of ISRAEL STORY and travel to Israel through its Places, Monuments, Famous Men ..........
    Can you recognize them all?

    SABABÉ ....... a Narrative Universe.

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