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Tefilin Bag

SABABÉ connected us to our Jewish life.
With these beautiful velvet touch Tefilin Bags, your
Tefilin will be stylishly protected.
The magnificent Hebrew Calligraphies have been drawn in pen by the artist Calligrapher Michel d'Anastasio.
This makes these beautiful
Tefilin Bags, a unique and original Judaïca object.
You'll find the same pattern in a Talit Bag.

SABABÉ, a Calligraphic Universe.

  • Tefilin Bag "Aleph Beth"


    Velvet Touch - Made in France
    With this beautiful bag, your Tefilin will be elegantly protected.
    Unique and original, this beautiful Tefilin Bag is drawn by the artist Calligrapher, Michel d'Anastasio. Subtle and refined, the beautiful scripture invites you to learn or revise your Hebrew alphabet.
    SABABÉ: a Calligraphic universe connected to our Jewish Life

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